What is the Mix extension?
The extension allows you to save pages to Mix from anywhere on the web. You can add to your existing collections or create new ones. You can also view posts on Mix one at a time by clicking the Next button.

How do I install the Mix extension?
Go to the extension store page for either Chrome or Firefox. Follow the prompts to add the extension to your browser and when you see the extension icon on the top right corner of your browser, click the icon to open the extension.

How do I post to Mix using the extension?

On any page, click the Mix button to open the collections menu. From here you can select an existing collection or create a new one to post to.

How do I go to the next page?

Click the Next button to see the next page in your stream. This is not a random page but a recommendation based on the interests, users, and collections you have followed as well as other activity on Mix.

Each page will show a message that explains why you're seeing it. You can also give us feedback on your recommendations by use the options button and choosing a reason you didn't like the page.

How do I see activity on Mix?

Click the activity button to see other users that have Mixed the page you are on and any comments they have posted.

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